Man o’ War 100 Year Celebration

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of history’s most famous racehorse, Man o’ War. The Kentucky Horse Park set out to create a year-long celebration to honor the iconic horse. There will be events throughout Lexington, KY to celebrate the horse and his amazing life and career.

The Legendary Horse
Man o’ War’s career included an astounding record of 20 wins and only one loss. He would retire from racing to lead an equally impressive life as a stud. His name can be found in almost all modern American pedigrees. In 1920 he was honored with Babe Ruth as The Outstanding Athlete of the Year by The New York Times. His funeral in 1947 was broadcast live on NBC Radio. A statue was erected to mark his grave and has become the centerpiece of The Kentucky Horse Park.

The Silks
Man o’ War’s iconic silks played a big role in informing the look of the creative and is immediately recognizable to those that are familiar with the history of Man o’ War.

The Stride
One of the things that Man o’ War was know for was his stride. Measured at 28 feet, it is still believed to be the longest of all time. Insights such as that were pivotal in shaping the look of the creative. The handling of the type in the event lockup, which might not be noticed by many, is a subtle nod to that incredible stride.

The Creative
After tons of research and pulling bits inspiration from every aspect of his life and career, the creative really started to fall in place. A unified campaign was created for the event that includes branding, apparel, posters, digital, and everything in between. The goal was to feel familiar to those who know Man o’ War’s history while creating interest and intrigue for those that don’t.

Cornett Advertising
Chief Creative Officer: David Coomer
Designer: Matt Newton

Makers Mark Bottle Design: Chris Barnes
Bus Design: GG Marcos
Matt Newton Design.  Indianapolis, Indiana