2021 Penrod Arts Fair

I had the opportunity to work on the creative for the 2021 Penrod Arts Fair. I was given a lot of creative freedom from the client with the only direction being to have the date prominent and to try and include the multicolored penrod petal. There were a few overarching feelings that I wanted the design to convey and they were fun, inviting, and to feel like summer. 

A few rough, early concepts

First proposed poster concept
The main piece of creative for the art fair is the poster, so that is the first thing we needed to nail down.  Minimalistic and eye catching with “Penrod” and the date being the big focal point. The client liked this, but wanted to go a different route. The client wanted the poster to show the types of things that are at the fair, such as art, food, drinks, music, and dancing. They also wanted to move away from using the Penrod brand colors. 

Back to the drawing board
Once given some more direction it was back to the drawing board. I started working on incorporating all of the things that the client asked for and even worked in the iconic Lilly House. The client liked this approach and we went back and forth on some minor changes before settling on a final design. 

Final Creative
Once we landed on the final fair poster I created a variation to be used for Evening with Penrod which is an event held the night before the fair.  Artwork for social, tickets, website, signage and more was also created. 

Matt Newton Design.  Indianapolis, Indiana